How to get there

From the airport you take the highway in the direction of Malaga / Almeria-Motril.

  1. At junction 272 you leave the highway into the direction of Velez Malaga (you go left through a roundabout that goes under the highway).
  2. Next you turn right on the following roundabout (Velez Malaga)
  3. At the first roundabout you reach after that, you turn left in the direction of Velez Malaga
  4. Afterward you turn to the right a the roundabout (there is a sign for Iglesia de sta Maria)
  5. At the next roundabout you go straight ahead.
  6. Next you make a left turn on the next roundabout (direction Centro).
  7. The next roundabout you reach has a sign with Arenas on it; here you turn to the right.
  8. You keep following the road untill a crossroad with a stopsign. Here you turn to the right. As soon as you have turned to the right you see a roadsign on the left of the road with Arenas 10 km.
  9. This roads brings you into the mountains. You keep following it until you reach Arenas.

Our house is only a few minutes away, but you have tot follow a track which leads you to our house. But to make sure you follow the right track it is better to call us as soon as you reach the Ayuntamiento (first big building in Arenas). We will meet you there and escort you to our house.